Samara Canada's Democracy Talks

Our first major collaboration was with Samara
Canada’s Democracy Talks initiative, a national conversation on Canadian engagement in the political process. ICC Insights played a role in sourcing new citizens for focus groups in Brampton, Hamilton, Edmonton and Vancouver. Samara measured 20 ways to “get political” outside of the act of voting. They found Canadians capitalize on few of these activities. In particular, Canadians are least likely to perform activities involving party politics. Canadians rarely discuss politics, online or off; only 40% discussed a social or political issue in person or by phone and only 17% shared political content on social media

National Capital Commission Exhibition

We also collaborated with Ottawa’s National Capital Commission (NCC), a Crown corporation focused on ensuring Canada’s Capital Region is a source of national pride and significance. We helped the NCC organize focus groups to collect new citizens’ input
for an exhibition on new citizens and citizenship.


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Heather Steel, Director, ICC Insights