For the second year, we joined forces with the Stratford Festival, this time in Toronto, to present our 12th LaFontaine-Baldwin Symposium, featuring cutting-edge creator Robert Lepage.
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Many of you know him as the influence behind Cirque du Soleil's TOTEM and shows, and Peter Gabriel’s tours, Secret World and Growing Up. For the stage, he has created Needles and Opium and The Far Side of the Moon. He also directed The Ring Cycle for New York’s Metropolitan Opera. Lepage is also the recipient of The Glenn Gould Prize, celebrating his international critical acclaim for combining diverse media into cohesive stories that surprise, challenge and delight.

12th LaFontaine-Baldwin Symposium lecture by Robert Lepage:
An Artist’s View on Identity & Belonging
Isabel Bader Theatre, Toronto

Lepage addressed 350 people, and many more online watching the live webcast. It was a rare opportunity to hear him speak about his personal life and the themes that fuel his work. Insightful and entertaining, he showed us how different cultures brought together are shaping our identity: “by learning other languages we often learn about our own culture”. The lecture featured introductory remarks by Adrienne Clarkson, John Ralston Saul and Antoni Cimolino, the Stratford Festival’s Artistic Director. Saul also led an audience Q&A with Lepage.

Symposium Roundtable Discussion hosted by Lepage, Saul & Clarkson
Gardiner Museum, Toronto

Immediately following the lecture, 120 audience members participated in an intimate discussion on the ideas presented by Lepage. Seated at tables, each group was asked to work through pre-set questions and then share their table’s highlights with the room in a conversation moderated by Saul, Lepage and Clarkson. The room was buzzing with excitement as participants eagerly shared how Lepage’s ideas resonated with their own experiences.


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“I am both thrilled and honoured to be the 2014 LaFontaine-Baldwin Symposium lecturer. It was a unique opportunity to celebrate new citizens and to explore how different cultures brought together are shaping our identity and making us all citizens of the world.”
Robert Lepage


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