Follow the water’s edge as it creeps out to the Bay of Fundy
Explore 200 kilometres of hiking trails in Waterton Lakes National Park
Yoho National Park was named for a Cree word expressing awe
Take advantage of daily park programs at Prince Edward Island National Park
Rising sharply above Banff townsite, Mount Rundle is a Canadian Rockies icon
The S. S. Klondike is the largest vessel ever to ply Canada’s Yukon River
Experience the wonders of the aurora borealis, shimmering colors across the dark sky
Visit the Klondike for a glimpse of the glorious past of the gold rush
It doesn’t take much to find solitude in Banff National Park
Mountains rise abruptly out of gentle prairie grassland in Waterton Lakes National Park

Cultural Access Pass to the Great Outdoors

Step outside and discover the beauty of Canada's natural heritage and historical sites!
Parks Canada invites all members of the Cultural Access Pass program to cultivate new adventures and experiences by visiting their world-famous parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas for free! Use your Cultural Access Pass at the gates of any Parks Canada site and receive a free day pass.*
Take your family for a hike in the woods, a picnic in the park or a paddle through the most beautiful lakes in the world.
Visit one of Canada's national historic sites where the nation's defining moments come to life. Each national historic site tells its own unique part of the greater story of Canada, contributing a sense of time, identity, and place to our understanding of Canada as a whole.

Canada's national parks agency joins Alberta and Ontario provincial parks authorities and invites Canada's newest citizens to discover Canada's natural and cultural beauty.

Use your Cultural Access Pass to visit all of Parks Canada's natural, cultural and historical treasures for free.*

Visit Parks Canada's website for a full list of wonderful experiences that await you!


*Parking, camping and other fees are not covered by this offer. Please read the Terms & Conditions for use of the Cultural Access Pass and visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for help with questions about this and other offers.

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