Learning. Empowering. Changing perspectives.

We believe new citizens’ experiences and knowledge offer new perspectives and are an essential ingredient for Canada’s success.

Launched in 2012, ICC Insights uses a range of methods and partnerships to explore the experiences of new Canadian citizens and bring their voice to the mainstream. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of newcomers’ experiences as Canadian citizens, beyond the point of immigration and settlement. Our research is distinctively focused on reframing the national conversation on inclusion, identity and citizenship.

Being an active citizen also means being engaged. This new initiative wouldn’t be possible without the desire of our new citizens to voluntarily lend their voice to a variety of topics, and the support and interest from our network to hear what they have to say. ICC Insights works with new citizens who are members of our Cultural Access Pass program. They are engaged, active and excited to share with us.

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To learn more about this initiative please contact Heather Steel, ICC Insights Manager: 416-593-6998 x222