Meet previous member Pham Qhang

June 1, 2019

Previous member Pham Qhang first came to Canada in May 2011 from Vietnam, and received his citizenship on June 1, 2018.

As a father of two children, Pham enjoyed using Canoo (formerly known as the Cultural Access Pass) to explore and discover the nature of Canada during his first year of citizenship. “I love fishing, visiting new places, taking my family on trips, and swimming,” says Pham, “Upon receiving [Canoo], I visited four national parks, including Yoho National Park. I love to go see the beauty and greatness of Canada. My kids also love visiting the Science Centre in Edmonton.”

Pham is also actively involved in his community. Not only does Pham volunteer whenever he can and give back to his local community by teaching sunday school with his wife at their church, but he also wants to help those with drug addictions. With his wife, who has a Masters in Social Work, he wants to open a rehab centre to help those struggling with addictions.

Pham says he is excited to be a Canadian and about the Institute for Canadian Citizenship’s program, Canoo. “It is important that new immigrants have the opportunities to go and experience the real beauty and greatness of the land,” he says. “[Canoo] has given me the incentives to travel and feel a part of this great nation. I am blessed and proud to be a Canadian. I feel I need to contribute to keeping Canada great.

“[Canoo] shows me that generosity is a characteristic of Canada and Canadians. I learn and adopt this characteristic as I have the opportunities to travel with my family with the blessings from [Canoo].”


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