Meet previous member Richard Ojaldon

May 13, 2019

Previous member Richard Ojaldon came to Canada in 2012 and obtained his citizenship in 2017. In his own words, he describes what this transition has meant to him and why he calls Canada home.

“I came to Canada on December 15, 2012, from the Philippines. As we all know, Canada is considered the land of opportunities, which opens a lot of doors to new immigrants with respect and equality. As an immigrant living in a new country with a diverse culture, my ultimate goal is to meet new friends and learn their cultural differences.

“I became a Canadian citizen on August 29, 2017. My life has totally changed in […] a very good way; […] being exposed to different cultures and genders, it opens the door for me to appreciate my well-being and be a better person.

“Becoming a Canadian is a milestone in my life. I can’t think of any place than this wonderful country to start the new chapter of my life which honours cultural differences, ethnic diversity and caters to endless opportunities, “ he says. “Canadians are very friendly and nice; that makes this country a safe place to live. […] On a personal note, Canada embraces me for who I am without judgment and brings the best out of me.

“Canada is a gifted country when it comes to its natural resources. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I am slowly but surely discovering what this province has to offer.

“The Cultural Access Pass [now Canoo] is very useful when it comes to learning more about Canada’s history and exploring amazing places. I have used [Canoo] for going to several museums in Manitoba. Going to cultural places helps me appreciate and love Canada in a very good way. [Canoo] is like a time machine: it can bring you back to the past and foresee the future.

“Being a Canadian is both a privilege and a responsibility. It does not matter what specific language you speak or what country you were born, so long as you serve and love this country, then you can be a Canadian citizen. Canada is one of the best countries to live in. It is a place where a person has the freedom to be what he/she wants. I want to show the world that by respecting and loving one another, all nations can be like this country and, as the golden rule says, treat others as you would wish to be treated. And I believe that makes Canada the best.”


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